Richard Barbieri

Richard Barbieri is an English composer, musician and sound designer. He started his musical career with the band Japan in 1975. They rose from a hyped glam band to become one of the UK's most successful art pop groups of the early 80's with their groundbreaking album "Tin Drum" which stayed in the album charts for a year. Barbieri and David Sylvian's painstaking approach to analog synthesiser programming was a feature of this album.

When the group disbanded, he continued to work with David Sylvian, Mick Karn and Steve Jansen on various albums and Karn, Jansen and Barbieri formed their own label - Medium - in 1993 for which they recorded many albums and collaborative works, including "Changing Hands" with DJ Takemura.

Around the same time Barbieri joined Porcupine Tree who went on to became one of the most innovative and successful progressive rock groups of this era, with Grammy Nominations and sold shows at Radio City (NYC) and The Royal Albert Hall (London).

As a solo artist Barbieri's main interest is electronic music, using mainly vintage equipment and then combining this with acoustic instruments and improvised performances. His latest work "Planets & Persona" is possibly the most expansive, cinematic and adventurous recording of his career. Employing a large cast of guest players, this work is more electronica with jazz aspects and mixed with abstract voices and found sounds.

Barbieri has recently been playing concerts in the UK with Lisen Rylander Love as special guest on saxophones, voices and electronics.

"Planets & Persona" reached no 2 in the Official UK Electronic Chart.



Richard Barbieri - Planets + Persona (album montage)

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