Lubomyr Melnyk

Lubomyr Melnyk is one of the most extraordinary pianists and composers of our day. He has been called The Prophet Of The Piano because of his life-long devotion to the piano, and to his work in extending the technique of playing it. In the mid-1970s, while living in Paris, he created Continuous Music - a totally new language for the piano, one that requires amazing technical abilities that use the full natural voice of the piano. He has definitely pushed the boundaries of piano playing to new heights.

One can recognize immediately that this music is founded in the traditional Classical piano technique - with reminiscences of Liszt and Brahms - but it also introduced many influences from Eastern philosophy, as well as minimal music, combining these into a wonderful mixture of modern romantic harmonies and melodies.

Using his extraordinary piano abilities to generate over 19.5 notes per second in each hand, he is the fastest pianist ever recorded. Since the early 1970s he has produced an astonishing oeuvre of more than 120 works, most for solo or double piano, and has blazed wholly new paths in contemporary music. As he states himself: 'The piano is my life and my breath!'

Lubomyr Melnyk has thrilled audiences throughout the world with his remarkable piano abilities. The New York magazine Village Voice included Melnyk`s first recording, -KMH-, among its 'Ten albums to hear before you die'.

Lubomyr Melnyk is of Ukrainian origin. He studied piano privately and received his Concert Level Piano Diploma at the age of 16. He studied Philosophy and Latin in university, before devoting his life to the piano. He developed Continuous Music in the early 1970-s while working with the famous dancer and choreographer Carolyn Carlson at the Paris Opera.



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