„I want to create my own, personal and recognizable musical language, in which electronic manipulation of recorded sound is going to enrich traditional acoustic instruments. The motivation of these experiments is discovering the hidden and universal beauty.”

Michał Jacaszek is an extraordinary figure on Polish music scene, who constantly carries out new projects and stylistics with great success. He is one of the most interesting Polish modern composers and electronic performers. He frequently cooperates with directors (movie scores), poets, choreographers

On his album „Treny”, Jacaszek uses the sounds of a harp, piano and the string orchestra, which allows him to discover new regions of the classical music.On “Treny”, Jacaszek and the accompanying musicians combined electronic music with the sounds of classical music. Classical instruments and vocal improvisations have been transformed electronically. As a result, he achieved slightly blurred lo-fi sound combined with raw violin, cello and vocal melodic lines. Grieving, slowly repeating themselves electronic phrases, violin harmonies and beautiful, delicately processed electronic vocals – this is the music on “Treny”. There is a lot of silence and concentration, longing and anguish.The album was released by Norwegian record company, Miasmah.

The next album „Pentral„(lat: inside, spirit, temple) was an attempt to describe a gothic church interior by means of sounds. A temple owes its special atmosphere not only to visual elements but also to characteristic acoustics – reverb, enhancing and prolonging a slightest whisper into infinity. „I spent several days in three Gdansk historic churches (Oliwa Cathedral, St. Nicolas’ church, St. Mary’s Basilica) recording chanting, organs, and also a broad spectrum of accidental noises. Source sounds were were used only as a stimulus which releases the sound of the whole inside, and as such, they were consequently retouched in the post production process. Studio work and also the atmosphere of melody and arrangements were subordinate to the idea of portraying the church as a place filled with distant mysteries, a huge music instrument.

Album "Glimmer" is a natural effect of Jacaszek's constant search for new, chamber, electroacustic form of music. Subtle, almost unfinished,vanishing electronic parts are completed by sounds of harpsichord(Małgorzata Skotnicka), bass clarinet (Andrzej Wojciechowski) and metalophone (Jacaszek). Musical harmony and tones of "Glimmer" recalls baroque chamber music. But clarinet, metalophone and characteristic electronic phrases gives Jacaszek's music fresh, unique form, bringing him close to contemporary artists such są Ben Frost, Colleen or TimHecker. „Glimmer” was released by Ghostly International label

„Pieśni” („Songs”) – previously unpublished interpretations of traditional catholic church songs. The pieces, have been created as commissioned works, and now finally collected and released on the CD, that was published by Polish National Centre for Culture.Jacaszek about the album: „I have known church songs since I was a young kid. Those melodies I carry in my veins. Not all church repertoire consist of high quality works, some of them are even close to sweet-naive kitsch. However, a lot of them are acute, profound and mystic songs about love and longing for God.”

„Catalogue des Arbres” (Catalogue of trees) album was released by renown London imprint Touch. It was a collaboration with polish modern classical quartet Kwartludium. Writing „Cataloguge de Arbres” Jacaszek's ambition was to find his own way to describe trees: their forms, athmosphere and mistery. I have started with „open air” recordings, capturing mainly leaves’ rustlings from different distances, in different locations and whether conditions. This collection of nature recordings was transformed into kind of „organic drone” and become a main background for instrumental and voice improvisations by Kwartludium ensamble

„Kwiaty” is a music project with singer „Hania Malarowska” and it is an adaptation of XVIIth century poetry by Robert Herrick. Review excerpt: It all started with a book, as these things often do: an English anthology of metaphysical poetry from the 17th century, to be exact. Which may not sound like the sexiest option on the shelves, but hear us out. The gentleman plowing through those weathered pages happened to be Michał Jacaszek, the Polish composer who's spun dramatic shades of darkness and light into gold for more than a decade now. An absolute master of melancholy, from the trickle-down electronics of Treny to the vapor-trailed verses of its looming spiritual cousin KWIATY




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