Floating Spectrum

Floating Spectrum is a project by the Taiwanese musician and music technologist Mei-Fang Liau. Based in Berlin, she has been composing music and producing creative technology since 2009.

Her music blends technological craft with intuitive emotion. The heavily processed samples and synths form the mesmerizing base of her music. Inspired by how simple rules can produce complex nature, she created a unique software synthesizer that enables her to create rich sounds filled with organic details.

Interested in music since a young age, she began by exploring various instruments in school communities and recording sounds using a tape recorder. In her late teens she became fascinated by heavily effected guitar sounds, which still influence her current computer-based sound palette. Legend Lin, a contemporary choreographer creating slow, explosive and deeply emotive performances, is one of her major inspirations.

She has been collaborating with the visual artist Abe Pazos (https://hamoid.com/) to produce audio-visual live performances. The visuals are produced with nature-inspired approaches, striving to create organic and emotive work that people feel connected to. Driven by her curiosity about generative music, she has worked with artists to create music pieces that are sonified with oscilloscope visuals (https://vimeo.com/220663378), dance movements, or collaboratively with the audience.




Floating Spectrum - teaser 2019

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