Fennesz & Mike Patton

Although they come from different universes, Mike Patton and Fennesz share the stage to do an unusual performance that is a hymn to radical creative freedom: electronic touches, krautrock landscapes, sampling, stormy drones, mellotron echoes and much more...

An unexpected delight was the duo of Mike Patton and Fennesz.

Considering that this was the first performance together, it was a great meeting of two strong sonic sorcerers.

They began with a slow rumble, slowly throwing ideas back and forth. Slowly globs of electronic clouds would erupt with a kraut-rock like space-grooves.

Fennesz creates different textures, sounds and drones, as he builds and blends his sonic guitar with Patton's twisted vocal antics.

Fennesz also played some stunning, sustained guitar sounds with mellotron tones while Mike provided a pulse with his percussive vocal samples.

Mike seemed to be sampling bird calls on one piece and then expanding their sound with an echo device. Some of this is much more melodic than one might think. The last piece moves in waves back and forth, building as the siren-like vocal starts to erupt.

It is a grand conclusion to a great duo set.

© Bruce Lee Gallanter




Fennesz & Mike Patton Live in Austria

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