DJ QBert

DJ QBert, widely regarded as the most highly skilled skratching dj who has walked this planet.

His 20 year career of innovating the playing field of the djs and turntablists worldwide has set off a generation of disc jockeys who are now regarded as musicians not just djs that play records. World Championship appearances in since 1991-1994 gave global exposure to QBert's unbelieveable skills and performances.

Since then no other has matched his command of the dj scene on and off the turntables. He has been recognized by his peers as innovating more styles and systems of skratching than no other.

The ambassador of skratching for today and to the future. He comes from the era of experimental battle djs who in the mid 90s gave shape to the infinite sounds of 2 turntables and skratching vinyl. Honorably knighted "Grandmixer" by legendary pioneer GrandMixer DXT. An honor dignified by HipHop's most hallowed Knighting tradition.

He has been the focus of two major documentary films SCRATCH and HANG THE DJ, both of which were selected at Cannes and Sundance Film Festival.

DJ QBert's first album Wave Twisters was reverse engineered from sound into visuals also becoming his first feature film which was also selected into the Sundance Film Festival.

The future holds an unllimited array of mighty influences by QBert, from his QBert University to his sophomore album, from newer and innovative hardware, to fantastic sounds that come from his skratching hand. DJ QBert will be there.



DJ QBert - Sneak Attack

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