Bruno Bavota

Bruno Bavota is a Neapolitan pianist and composer – his intimate and warm piano recordings expresses a lyrical romanticism, a familiar sound caressing and surrounding the audience. Bavota cherishes the harmonies he creates and his gentle touch forms a peculiar sound recognizable at the very first notes.

His attraction to music came “only” at the age of twenty. Music decided to save his life, covering him with an enormous, warm hug from which the echoes of the deepest emotions of his soul are constantly exposed. Few years later he discovered the piano, whose strings naturally replaced those of his heart, spreading his love song across the world.

His song "If only my heart were wide like the Sea" has been included in the tv series "The Young Pope" directed by Academy Award Winner Paolo Sorrentino.

His song "Passengers" has been included by Apple in an advertising campaign celebrating 20 years of Apple Design.



Bruno Bavota - If only my heart were wide like the sea (The Young Pope)

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