Bruno Bavota

Bruno Bavota is an italian neo-classical composer and multi-instrumentalist. Born in Napoli he started playing acoustic guitar before choosing piano as his main instrument of expression. After releasing two solo piano albums, with his last album “Out of the blue” he begins a progressive research and transition of his soundscapes discovering the dark side of his music that will show all its momentum in his upcoming album that will be released in early 2019. Carefully selecting boutique pedal effects, he leads the sound of the piano in an unusual way of expression embracing various musical styles, moving from neo-classical to ambient, from experimental to electronic and chamber-folk. Often using piano and guitar loops, he creates melodies that chasing each other carry listeners in his own deepest emotions and feelings.

Concurrently the release of his last album “Out of the blue” on 30th September 2016, he toured from the last months of 2016 to Fall 2017, playing more than 60 shows in Europe (Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland and Russia) including festival like Autumn Falls in Leuven and Barezzi Festival at Teatro Regio in Parma.

His track “If only my heart were wide like the Sea” has been included in the tv series “The Young Pope” by Award winning director Paolo Sorrentino with leading actors Jude Law and Diane Keaton. The same track has been included as well in the renowned radio program “All things Considered” on NPR. His track “Passengers” has been included in an advertising campaign made by Apple called “Designed by Apple in California” celebrating 20 years of Apple’s design.

Actually his track “La luce nel cuore” counts more than 12 millions of streaming on Spotify.



Bruno Bavota - If only my heart were wide like the sea (The Young Pope)

Bruno Bavota - Attesa

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