Unpredictable guitar combo pairing Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Boston's favourite free-noise guitarist Bill Nace. Body/Head is an improv based duo, inspired by Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd and filmmaker Catherine Breillat.

Kim Gordon

A founding member of Sonic Youth - where she plays bass and guitar and sings, Kim Gordon has also been involved in numerous collaborations with other artists and musicians including Julie Cafritz and Yoshimi in Free Kitten, Mirror/Dash with Thurston Moore and others including Lydia Lunch, Vincent Gallo, and Yoko Ono.

With an extensive history in the world of art, both as an artist, writer and curator Gordon has maintained ongoing creative relationships with visual artists such as Dan Graham, Raymond Pettibon, Mike Kelley, Jutta Koether and Richard Prince and exhibited her own installation work across the US, Japan and Europe.

Bill Nace

Guitarist Bill Nace has ripped a new black hole in the free rock universe as a constant, he is performing with Chris Corsano in Vampire Belt (and together with Jessica Rylan as Vampire Can't), Thurston Moore in Northampton Wools, x.0.4 with Jake Meginsky & John Truscinski and a coruscating duo with free reed player Paul Flaherty.



Body/Head live @ Le 106 (ROUEN) - 20/09/2012

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